RIPP ‘N’ FLOW®; “EASY OPEN” system on the topside

RIPPNFLOWThe RIPP ‘N’ FLOW® is produced by our factory Flexipol. This product is especially designed to provide a safe and hygienic solution for the packing of food ingredients. Traditionally all ingredients packed into either paper or polythene sacks have required a knife to open the top, prior to pouring the product into the mixer. This can create a huge risk on contamination with paper or plastic parts into your product. Next to that it is quite undesirable to use a knife or other sharp object in your food approved production environment.

The RIPP ‘N’ FLOW® offers the following benefits:

• No contamination risk because of the special “EASY OPEN” system on the topside
• Eliminates the need for knives or other sharp objects during opening of your packing
• Block bottom feature is available which is designed to create a stand up pack for ease of filling, palletisation and reduced slippage.
• Suitable for fully or semi-automatic filling lines
• Available in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses
• Can be printed in up to six colours (also the bottom)
• Several perforation options

Many ingredient producers in Europe are already using this unique packing. For example egg powder, breadcrumb, batter, spices, pasta, biscuit crumb, flavourings, dehydrated vegetables, whey and lactose powder are packed in the RIPP ‘N’ FLOW®.

Our packaging is made from high-quality materials, is produced in a BRC-certified factory and can be delivered quickly!

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