The Ripp ‘n’ Take is an innovative polythene bag system which replaces the traditional carton box.

The food industry discourages corrugated carton packaging due to the risk of contamination from microbiological and carton dust particles. Opening carton boxes is time consuming and unsafe due to the use of sharp knives.

The producer of the trays will reduce packaging costs up to around 50%, will pack contamination free and will reduce warehousing costs by around 90%.

The user of the trays reduces packaging waste by around 90% and will save drastically on handling and logistic costs. The packing is fully recyclable.

The Ripp ‘n’ Take can be produced to replace carton boxes in the following sizes:

  • Minimum carton box size: 214 x 136 x 252 mm
  • Maximum carton box size: 975 x 420 x 495 mm

The packing is made of MDPE. The minimum thickness of the material is 30 micron and the maximum thickness is 55 micron. The thickness of the Ripp ‘n’ Take is depending on the strength of the trays.

The Ripp ‘n’ Take is the solution for the supply of trays in the food industry

Cost saving

Saving on purchase, transport and warehousing

Hygienic packing

No more risk on microbiological contamination

Saving on warehousing

Around 90% less warehousing


No more use of sharp knives or other sharp objects

Saving on logistics

Saving on handling and logistic costs


Produced in Western European BRC approved manufacturing site

Our packaging is made from high-quality materials, is produced in a BRC-certified factory and can be delivered quickly!

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