The solution for tray packaging in the food industry


cheaper in purchase, transportation and storage

More hygienic packaging method;

prevents microbiological contamination

Less storage space;

approximately 90% less storage


no need for knifes or sharp objects anymore

Saving on logistics;

savings on handling and logistic costs


production in a West European BRC-certified factory

The Ripp ‘n’ Take is an innovative and fully developed polyethylene packaging solution for trays that replaces the traditional cardboard box.

Especially in the food industry, the use of cardboard packaging is undesirable because of the risk of microbiological contamination and loose cardboard or dust particles. Opening a cardboard packaging is very devious and even unsafe by using knifes.

With the Ripp ‘n’ Take manufacturers of trays reduce their packaging costs up to 50%, they pack contamination free and they need  approximately 90% less storage space.

With the Ripp ‘n’ Take users of the trays have up to 90% less waste and they drastically reduce handling and logistics costs. The packaging is fully recyclable.

The Ripp ‘n’ Take is manufactured to replace the following box dimensions:

  • Minimum box dimension: 214 x 136 x 252 mm
  • Maximum box dimension: 975 x 420 x 495 mm


The packaging is made of MDPE. The minimum thickness of the material is 30 microns and the maximum thickness is 55 microns. The thickness is determined depending on the strength of the trays to be packed.

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Our packaging is made from high-quality materials, is produced in a BRC-certified factory and can be delivered quickly!

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